Executive Team

Cassie Walker

President best.ubc.pres@gmail.com

  • Major: Archaeology and Ancient History with a Minor in Anthropological Archaeology. 
  • Hometown: Monks Eleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
  • Favourite Tea: Earl Grey (The ONLY tea of note in my opinion) 
  • Favourite British Word: Bugger or Munter (Perhaps look these ones up!) 
  • Favourite British Landmark: The British Museum (Holborn, London), The Natural History Museum (South Kensington, London) Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster (Westminster, London) all tie for first, I honestly can’t pick!  
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: To achieve what we set out to do and be the BEST club on campus baby!

Cicely Blain

Vice President best.ubc.vp@gmail.com

  • Major: Modern European Studies and Russian
  • Hometown: Greenwich, London, England
  • Favourite Tea: Earl Grey
  • Favourite British Word: Butterz (ugly) 
  • Favourite British Landmark: Angel of the North  (Gateshead) and The Royal Observatory (Greenwich)
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: world domination!

Douglas Bryan

Treasurer best.ubc.finance@gmail.com

  • Major: Economics
  • Hometown: Hounslow/Birmingham
  • Favourite Tea: English Breakfast
  • Favourite British Word: Innit
  • Favourite Landmark: Wembley Stadium
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: to have British culture take a prominent position within the UBC community.

Hannah Marsland

Artistic Director best.ubc.art@gmail.com

  •  Major: Fine Arts and Anthropology
  • Hometown: Bury St. Edmunds, a quaint town in the East of England but lived in the US for ten years 
  • Favourite Tea: More devoted to coffee than tea but can never resist a cup of chamomile.
  • Favourite British Word: Not appropriate for the internet but find her and ask!
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: to expand and bring a taste of home (or something new) to UBC!

Laura Shepherd

Social Coordinator best.ubc.social@gmail.com

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Knowle, Solihull, Birmingham 
  • Favourite Tea: English Breakfast Tea 
  • Favourite British Word: Ennit (isn’t it) 
  • Favourite British Landmark: Blenheim Palace 
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: To be simply the best, better than all the rest

Mallory Cave 

Marketing Director best.ubc.marketing@gmail.com

  •  Major: Art history and Anthropology
  • Hometown: Oakham, Rutland
  • Favourite Tea: English Breakfast Tea
  • Favourite British Word: Bloody hell
  • Favourite British Landmark: The V&A and Oxford Street
  • Hope/wish for B.E.S.T.: to find people other people who appreciate cheese and onion crisps just as much as she does!

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